Welcome to Oilfield Data Services Inc.
Founded in 2005, Oilfield Data Services, Inc. is a petroleum engineering consulting firm that specializes in well test planning/analysis, decline/production analysis and frac design/evaluation. For a more detailed list of the services we offer, please click on “Services” above.

In addition to our consulting work, we have developed a real-time integrated well-completion-reservoir evaluation system. The software resides on the operator’s server, inside their firewall. It then polls the Scada/DCS/Historian, performs its automated calculations & writes the results back to the server. Automated well test analysis results and MBAL/EBAL reports are published to the ODSI-Report file on the server. Our recently published SPE Paper discusses the physics and methods in the package. While the entire program is not complete, we do have some modules of the software that are commercial:

We are currently working on linking our reservoir simulator to our completion and wellbore models to create a "transient nodal" package.  This package will allow reservoir pressure to change, allow fluid and rock properties to change, and allow wellbore temperatures, pressures and phase behavior to change. With these features, the program will then have the ability to alert engineers/managers if the well performance is not matching the models, and will eliminate the "snapshot" errors of current nodal programs.

The software also works on historic data and can review months or years of high-frequency data very quickly, looking for changes in the well performance and apparent hydrocarbon volumes.